Jonathan Morris On Atheism

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Sure it’s an old video, but not many people have seen it, and its quite funny.

He even makes the humiliating mistake of saying “You know, I have a lot of atheist friends”. You clearly don’t Mr Morris.

He seems to be under the delusion that he can patronise people into religion. Well maybe that works with the already religious. He describes atheists as “suffering their atheism” and claims that “they know that the world makes a whole lot more sense if god does exist”. Ah, wrong again Mr Morris. We don’t suffer atheism, we suffer people like you. And no, the world makes far less sense if a god exists, because all of a sudden, all of the inconsistencies in whichever religion this god belongs too, are then genuine inconsistencies in the natural world. If a god exists, there is something very wrong with a lot of the scientific discoveries made over the last few thousand years, because suddenly, they can be, and were, corrupted, and oh dear there goes the whole of science.

He also seems to want to control scientists and intellectuals and restrict them from commenting on religion. Well I don’t think that’s a good idea, after all, you haven’t done very well with if have you Mr Morris?

He also wonders into creationism and hence ignorance.

The host has the audacity to ask “Why is there is posturing in the media as atheists as the intellectuals?” … It’s because they are the intellectuals.

Oh and it just get’s funnier.


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