Are Atheists More Intelligent Than Theists?

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This is a misleading question because it suggests that a person’s philosophical standpoint is always an accurate and reliable indicator of someone’s intelligence.

Through consideration of the arguments and evidence for and against the existence of most definitions of gods, there is only one reasonable conclusion that a person can come to: we simply cannot state, with certainty or even near-certainty, that one or many gods do or do not exist. An atheist would generally consider someone who had not come to this conclusion to be someone who had not carefully considered the main arguments, and therefore would be marked less intelligent.

However, there are many atheists, that this website recently decided to term super-positive atheists, who also have not considered the arguments, and are generally only atheists because it is the more liberating standpoint. This category of atheists is small in number, however, clearly they have not considered the evidence and therefore should also be considered unintelligent. Therefore a person’s atheism is not always an accurate indicator of their intelligence.

The method to determine a person’s intelligence through their philosophical standpoint is to see how well they argue their case.

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