He’s Dead. It’s Been Two-Thousand Years. Haven’t We Improved?

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It is staggering that after two thousand years since his messages first emanated into the world, millions of people still consider the teachings of Jesus to be some of the most relevent and sublime that can be found.

In the last two thousand years the human race has seen greater objective advancement than any other time in its history. And this is true whatever length of time you take backwards from the now. This statement is also true of the last twenty-thousand, and the last two hundred years. Our progress is exponential.

The whole point of teaching and education, is that the younger generation can start from where the older generation left off. It is so that the pupil can take what the teacher took a lifetime to figure out, and not waste time figuring it all out again. And the medium of education is communication, something which since the advent of the internet has become instant. Messages now can travel around the world in a matter of seconds.

So why, when considering all this, do millions of people think that in the last two-thousand years that nobody has come up with anything better, even if only slightly better, than the teachings of Jesus?

It is also a disregard for the relevance of teachings to the time period. The things that Jesus said when he was alive might well have been very important for the time, however now we live in a world which to the people of that time would be unimaginable.

The answer of course is that indoctrination has made them close their mind. Of course, there are many people who have rivalled and surpassed the more modern biblical teachings. But it is something that needs to be brought to our collective attention.

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