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The Last Of The Humans

Not long ago, human beings as we know them today were just one of a variety of different human species living on planet earth. All of these species had evolved in a similar way to us. Evolution had noticed a … Continue reading

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Can Science Give Us Answers?

You would not believe how many times I have seen this question written around the internet. Although actually, you might well believe it, but I certainly couldn’t. So I thought I’d answer it. The first and most fundamental point that … Continue reading

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Intuition, Causality, and Quantum Physics

One of the most popular arguments for the existence of a creator, is that the universe could not have happened of its own accord. The universe required some simpler, enduring object to create it. This is one of the favourites … Continue reading

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Confirmation Of Dark Energy First results from a major astronomical survey using a cutting-edge technique appear to have confirmed the existence of mysterious dark energy.

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New Spacecraft Design For Deep Space Exploration NASA has confirmed that the vehicle it will use to send astronauts to places like asteroids will be based on its Orion capsule concept.

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