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What the Higgs boson shows about rationality

Jul 04, 2012 1 Comment by

A new particle has been discovered, almost certainly the Higgs boson first predicted 48 years ago. If so, then at last the final prediction of the Standard Model has been confirmed. To be sure, there are many questions still to answer, such as how real physics deviates from the Standard Model at very high energies, [...]

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Consider Easter

Apr 08, 2012 1 Comment by

Critics of Christianity are often well-aware some of its festivals are stolen. The most famous example is that the Northern Hemisphere’s celebrations of the December Solstice, in which days finally get longer again, began as an agricultural festival. The Ancient Egyptians, recognizing the role of the Sun in this occasion, quickly co-opted it for their [...]

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Science Is Not The New Religion

Dec 19, 2011 Comments Off by

There have been two significant potential discoveries in the world of physics in recent months. Firstly that neutrinos, a type of subatomic particle, seem to have been observed travelling faster than the speed of light, the universal speed limit. And secondly that the Higg’s Boson, another subatomic particle, which is responsible for the mass property [...]

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On miracles: how religious people don’t understand their own concept

Nov 22, 2011 Comments Off by

In September 2011 neutrinos were apparently spotted exceeding the speed of light. This week we received confirmation a second experiment had apparently spotted the same thing. We’re far from having enough evidence to confidently say whether or not neutrinos really have broken the light speed limit, though physicists highly doubt they have because so much [...]

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Religion and morality, and why we need to seriously rethink it

Nov 06, 2011 Comments Off

For centuries British monarchs have been required to be Church of England members and have been barred from marrying Catholics and, in particular, those married to Catholics have been barred from the throne. Needless to say, this was unethical. Recently a Commonwealth Summit in Perth led to the repeal of this rule, as well as [...]

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Tunisia update

Nov 06, 2011 Comments Off

In a previous post, “A bad omen”, I critiqued the theological start the “liberated” Libya is getting and noted we’d no way of telling what consequences the Tunisian elections shortly thereafter would have. We now know that outcome. While an Islamist party secured over 40% of votes (whether their government will be a coalition as [...]

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A bad omen

Oct 30, 2011 Comments Off

As I said in a previous post, I’ve been writing while in Spain. Our room had one English channel, BBC News. I turned it on at 5 PM BST on Monday and saw three main stories: the announcement of the liberation of Libya, a Turkish earthquake and Tunisian elections. Libya and Tunisia are both examples [...]

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By their fruits you shall know them

Oct 30, 2011 Comments Off

This is my first article here written while on a holiday in Spain (where limited internet access forced me to take a break from publishing). When in a foreign country I try to know something about its culture, e.g. the role of religion therein. A recent news story quantified the number of Spanish newborns the [...]

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New Film To Show Atheists In A More Positive Light

Jul 10, 2011 Comments Off

Director Matthew Chapman says that he hopes his new film, “The Ledge”, staring Liv Tyler and Terrence Howard, will portray atheists in a positive light and encourage audiences to think more freely on the topics of atheism and agnosticism. “There are a lot of us; we are thinking people; we care about many of the [...]

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World Atheist Convention 2011

Jun 01, 2011 Comments Off

Over the coming weekend, Atheist Ireland will host the 17th World Atheist Convention in Dublin. The convention boasts some high profile speakers, including the world’s most prominent atheist Professor Richard Dawkins. They will be speaking on a range of topics including “Communicating Atheism”, “Religion: accommodate or confront?” and “Building Secular Coalitions”. Also on the agenda is [...]

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World Still Fine!

May 25, 2011 Comments Off

Well it looks like there was no rapture, not that we’re really surprised.

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