How To Design The Perfect Religion

Jan 16, 2012 1 Comment by

The idea of designing a religion is a fascinating one, due partly to the selection of motivations for doing so. One could hope to design a religion that would become widely popular and financially benefit its inventor. One could design a religion for the purposes of making a point: to tear apart the fabrication once [...]

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A bad omen

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As I said in a previous post, I’ve been writing while in Spain. Our room had one English channel, BBC News. I turned it on at 5 PM BST on Monday and saw three main stories: the announcement of the liberation of Libya, a Turkish earthquake and Tunisian elections. Libya and Tunisia are both examples [...]

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Malaysian Woman Denied Permission To Leave Islam

Jul 19, 2011 Comments Off by

Malaysia’s civil court has denied a woman permission to leave Islam. Kamariah Ali says she should not be tried under Islamic law because she is no longer a Muslim and asked the civil courts to declare her freedom to worship, as guaranteed by the constitution. But judges ruled that only Malaysia’s Islamic courts could decide [...]

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The Big Questions – Can The Bible and Darwin Both Be Right?

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