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The Next Confusing Word: Fundamentalism

Mar 14, 2012 Comments Off by

Recently there was another religion-based debate on The Big Questions which discussed one question: whether fundamentalism undermines faith. The show itself was thoroughly interesting, as it often is, even if this episode was an exercise in how many mad people you can get into one room; it was more interesting to simply marvel at the ridiculousness of [...]

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The Archbishop of Canterbury – Church of England Battling The Coolness of Atheism

Sep 20, 2011 Comments Off by

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Kate Smurthwaite Is Brilliant

Aug 22, 2011 Comments Off by
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A Video With Very Few Counter-Arguments

Jul 26, 2011 Comments Off by

I started out looking for religious arguments on YouTube, but this particular video seems to have a peculiarly high number of comments in agreement, and not many counter-arguments.

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Mind Implodingly Patronising and Stupid

Jul 19, 2011 Comments Off
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Too Much Nonsense

Jul 19, 2011 Comments Off

This particular video doesn’t seem to have accrued as many views as one would expect, given the nature of the topic and the way it’s discussed. It has a mind-implodingly high density of arguments which don’t follow on from the previous one, which either makes it hilarious or depressing, depending on one’s outlook. The first [...]

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Jonathan Morris On Atheism

Jul 03, 2011 Comments Off

Sure it’s an old video, but not many people have seen it, and its quite funny. He even makes the humiliating mistake of saying “You know, I have a lot of atheist friends”. You clearly don’t Mr Morris. He seems to be under the delusion that he can patronise people into religion. Well maybe that [...]

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If You Haven’t Seen It Already – Hate Emails With Richard Dawkins!

Jun 26, 2011 Comments Off
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William Lane Craig Debates Peter Slezak

Jun 14, 2011 1 Comment

The first part of the series can be found via the link below: William Lane Craig Debates Peter Slezak – Part 1 As usual, when Craig steps to the podium, he blurs the definitions of everything he talks about in a way that’s almost convincing, were it not for the fact that we’ve heard all [...]

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Excellent Video Series: A Debate Between Frank Turek and Christopher Hitchens

Jun 11, 2011 Comments Off
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