Why Doesn’t Personal Experience Count As Evidence?

Jan 10, 2012 Comments Off by

I dislike categorising people into only two groups, but the conclusions I will draw in this article I find to be independent of this particular distinction, hence let us consider the assuredly religious and the decidedly non-religious. Of the many traits that separate the two groups, one which appears to be crucial, and which arises [...]

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The Dangers of the Word “Belief”

Nov 20, 2011 Comments Off by

The more one delves into the discussions around religion, the more one gets used to certain items of terminology being thrown around. Over time, all words take on a very specific, and often subtle meaning, depending on who uses them and how. This seems to be the case for the word “belief”, which since the [...]

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Positive and Negative Assertions

Jul 10, 2011 Comments Off by

One of the foundations of the thinking required to produce atheism, is the distinction between positive and negative assertions. In order to properly understand these concepts, we’re need to define them. To get our foot in the door, let’s take the typical examples of positive assertions within the subject matter. “I believe that there is [...]

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