Pascal’s Wager

May 05, 2012 Comments Off by

So I’ll start by noting that this won’t be a comprehensive argument against Pascal’s Wager, but I intend to discuss two of my favourite points discrediting it. My motivation on this occasion is from watching too many videos of very stupid people, which is a pass-time I’m sure many of you do too. If you’re new [...]

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William Lane Craig Knows He’s Wrong

Aug 23, 2011 1 Comment by

If you’ve watched more than one debate with this man then you’ll start to notice a pattern. He will always start his argument by defining atheism, rather than letting the atheist define themselves. It is in this definition that he tries to win over the audience and make himself seem terribly clever. He always defines [...]

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“I Used To Be An Atheist, Now I’m Not, Therefore Atheism Is Wrong”

Aug 23, 2011 Comments Off by

This line of arguing is rarely explicitly stated, but seems to be the undertone used by some people. Generally we tend to hear only the first clause in arguments “I used to be an atheist” and the rest is merely implied. There are three major problems with introducing this to a discussion. Firstly, it could [...]

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Too Much Nonsense

Jul 19, 2011 Comments Off by

This particular video doesn’t seem to have accrued as many views as one would expect, given the nature of the topic and the way it’s discussed. It has a mind-implodingly high density of arguments which don’t follow on from the previous one, which either makes it hilarious or depressing, depending on one’s outlook. The first [...]

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Do Atheists Try To Convert People?

Jul 10, 2011 Comments Off

The phrasing of this title quite deliberately suggests something that atheists will probably dislike, and it’s the word convert. Convert brings up some rather evil connotations as it is usually used to refer to what are sometimes aggressive tactics used by a few pushy religious people. It’s often pointed out that atheists seem to want to [...]

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