Fear of Atheism

Oct 04, 2011 Comments Off by

On this site we sometimes review phrases which people have typed into search engines and turn them into articles. This article is one such case. Until one hears this title, it doesn’t necessarily seem obvious. It would be correct to say, that there are certainly some people in the world who fear atheism. The important point [...]

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The Ongoing War

Aug 06, 2011 Comments Off by

Atheism has been around for a long time. Depending on how particular one is, and one’s definition of atheism, it could be said that atheism has been around forever, since before human beings, there was no religion to speak of. But there is clearly an atheist movement, recently fuelled by the rise of new atheism. [...]

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The Divisive Nature Of Religion – The “Us and Them” Mentality

Jul 10, 2011 Comments Off by

Human beings possess the remarkably ability to always divide into two groups, or indeed, merge into two groups. Take rivalries between groups of people based on location for example. If there’s competition between two villages, they won’t get on. But as soon as you introduce a second pair of villages in competition with the first [...]

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